There was sun outside! I wanted to go somewhere! I guess it was the 8+ hours of sleep that made me think I felt better. I’m so gullible! I was going to take TRAX, but it was broken. Love the skull and cross-bones on their map :-p


I knew TRAX wasn’t working downtown last night, but I never thought of checking on TRAX today. Turns out whatever is broken is a bit mysterious and hard to fix. I got to the library station and a UTA worker saw my confusion. I decided I would rather wheel-it as usual rather than go on the bus bridge. I HATE the bus. I would have hated it even more if I had gone in my newer wheelchair. As I collected my reusable shopping bags, I realized there was nowhere to hang them on the new chair 😦 I went in the old, rickety chair, instead. Every trip feels like its last. We are a lot alike.


I went to Smith’s for a couple of my free Friday downloads…mac and cheese and an energy bar, plus I was hungry for breakfast sausage. Then over to Trader Joe’s for good ol’ cruciferous crunch. I decided to try something new that I read about online. Yuzu sauce. I haven’t had it yet, but here’s a review.


On the way to the store there was plenty of coughing and spitting on my part. The temperature inversion is back. I wasn’t real with-it while shopping. Sometimes it felt more like a dream than reality. What surprised me was the trip home. The air was even yuckier, but I felt better! Well, except that my left ankle and foot were wet and cold. All the way home I marveled at how much better I felt 🙂

Stupid dripping leg! It soaked the inside of my slipper and all the way around was wet.

Then I started putting food away. It took a whole minute or two and I could no longer stand up. I almost fell on the way to my chair and missed part of the seat as I fell into it. I have been short of breath ever since….for hours now. Sigh….hope still springs eternal. My lungs are rattling more than ever and I am back to being wicked bad weak. Sigh times a million! I hate pneumonia!!!! At least I was able to forget how awful pneumonia is for maybe half an hour 🙂


I have no idea what’s swollen, or why, but it hurts 😦


Somehow I missed that temps are predicted to warm up that much. I’m looking forward to it. 18 as I type. Brrrrrr…… It will be good to have the snow melt. As usual, few curb cuts had been cleared since the last snowstorms. I keep hoping I will be able to go back to Costco again. I miss the big bags of frozen berries! It sure was nice having such a long and pleasant fall 🙂 Oooooohhhh….with higher temps, I can also open my window again!