Whenever I am especially sick, time goes crazy. Truthfully, it is probably me who is crazy, but dang….day, night, breakfast, supper….it’s all messed up. Last night sucked! The whole time I was trying to sleep, I was intermittently awake. My leg was leaking so much that both of the blankets and the bed underneath were soaked 😦 I kept waking up shivering. Olive must spend her time listening. I suppose it’s a change in my breathing as I wake up….but she runs in, jumps on me and starts meowing. Grrrrrr!!!!!

Add to that, my insulin pump kept going off. I was awake enough to push buttons in my sleep, but not to look at what I was doing. So the alarm kept going off, which also made Olive go off. If the alarm woke me up, Olive was there. If the shivers woke me up, Olive was there. If Olive woke me up, the alarm and/or shivering were happening. My brain hurt! I could not wake up enough to fix anything. What an awful night 😦

I finally got up at dawn. After resting in my chair, I made some breakfast of scrambled eggs and hash browns. I was awake a while until it was just too hard to both keep my eyes open and breathe….so I went back to bed for 5 hours. It was much better sleep 🙂 When I woke up, there was an email from the missionaries, but I slept through when they were here.


Sooooooooo swollen! 😦

Then Kent and Pauline came to visit. I guess they thought I might have been dead. I had the blinds closed because light was piercing into my skull today. Feels like a typical WNV flare. Seems to be related to how swollen I am. I feel yucky.

The pneumonia never goes away…and neither does the swelling. A life of misery seems my lot in life. Yes….I am grouchier when dealing with this much pain and suffering. Not very upbeat today.


Then there’s the blankety blanking temperature inversion going on. No actual sun out there, just glare.


The pollution trend is up, up, up.