I slept a decent amount of hours last night, but woke up tired, swollen, choking and done-in. I think I managed to stay awake a few hours until I could no longer breathe while sitting up. Back to bed, the CPAP and oxygen. I like late morning/early afternoon sleep 🙂 It feels a zillion times more restorative. But….then I woke up….and I have been coughing, choking and drowning in snot ever since 😦 How much can I take? My lungs have been rattling for weeks. It’s an awful feeling. As I try to cough out the crud, I often reach a point of non-breathing. I hate that moment of panic when I cannot cough out or breathe in. I have learned to consciously relax and start a cough from way down low that then expels the crud. It’s always scary.

The other huge problem is the whaaaaaaooowwwooowwww….whaaaaaaooowwwooowwww in my head. I cannot see, I feel like I am going to faint and I get numb, prickly and cold. My vision goes dark. I have to lean over the walker or counter or quick fall into a chair. Each trip to the bed, the bathroom, the kitchen or to answer a knock at the door feels like it could be my last. I can picture me on the floor with my head cracked open and blood everywhere 😦 I wish I knew how to make it go away! I do not like this torture place in the middle of life and death.


The whitest receptacle on the wall is the Google box…put there in May

I’m getting really ticked off with Google Fiber. The Google equipment was installed May 3, 2016. Then we all waited, and waited and waited. I have been getting internet from them since December 21st. That day a bunch of Google Fiber folks came to this building, held a little party, and for a $10 deposit, finally hooked up the internet and gave me a router. All was well…..right?????

Somehow I kept stumbling into conversations between my hallway neighbor and the management, then between he and Google. I’m not sure what his name is, but 3 of us agree it begins with D. So, D had to get all sorts of paperwork filled out by management because by the time he was ready to switch to Google Fiber, Google claimed our address was not in their system. He finally got hooked up this weekend. It was a monumental hassle.

That’s when I got curious and re-checked what address Google says I live at. They had transposed 2 of the numbers. It took me several emails for me to get them to understand their mistake. They would not allow me to correct my address….that THEY put in! Turns out this is a big deal on Google’s part. They keep telling me I cannot sign up for Fiber because it’s not offered in my building. I keep telling them I have been getting internet from them for more than a month. Several times now I have been told I need the management here to write them letters.

Tonight I’m told “I received word from my address review team today, I’m sorry that it is not better news. It appears that the contract may have initially been set up using the incorrect base address. To have this resolved your property manager will need to contact their market manager, or whoever initially set up the contract. I understand that this can be frustrating but to edit this information for the complex it will need to be changed on the original contract with the property manager. “

I wrote back and said “I have no idea what you are talking about. It’s not my fault Google is confused. The Google Fiber Team came to my apartment building, served churros and hot chocolate, took my deposit money and immediately hooked me up to the internet. Any problems are Google’s. Are you saying your company is now trying to make your problems mine?”

With all the political creepiness in the world and my crummy health….why is Google being such a PITA? We have now exchanged info more than a dozen times. I feel like I am beating my head against the wall. And all this because *I* was stupid enough to point out their mistake and bring it to their attention. Grrrrrrrr……..


Well….that’s my entire day. Sickness and stupidity. And the icing on the cake? The air quality went into the red today and will be at least that bad the next 2 days 😦