I keep getting notices that I have downloaded weird stuff. Nope, I did not sign up and pay for Tinder Plus. And no, I did not pay for IPVanish, either. I contacted “the authorities” and was told it’s not really on my account and is phishing. I hope so! I changed lots of passwords.

My face is even more swollen today 😮 My head isn’t thinking very well. It’s hard to see looking straight ahead. Forget about looking sideways! My thinking and vision are one big blur.


Worse air than yesterday

I used the oven, so needed to open the living room window to keep the smoke detector from going off. Whoa! At the moment, air quality is in the red. Instant asthma attack 😮 My lungs went from rattling to bubbling. And hours of coughing, choking, coughing up crud and blowing my nose ensued. My ribs and head hurt sooooo bad 😦


More bad air days ahead 😦

Of course, soon it was time for the inevitable nap once my breathing got too sketchy. I slept almost 3 hours and only woke up because Olive was going nuts. She does this very loud and throaty sort of scream, sort of meow that’s hard to sleep through. I’m still stupidly sleepy and confused.

Hey! A saner Google Fiber person wrote today. “I’m sorry about the confusion here. We are not saying this is an any way “your problem”. What we are saying is that when we made the contract with your apartment’s management the system was given the incorrect address for the whole complex. This is something that we are working on correcting on our side, and should require little to no further effort on your side, we just ask for a little patience while we work with our teams and your apartment’s management to rectify this.” About time! It’s not my job to contact people and straighten out their mess.


Croghan….the good stuff

I haven’t been very hungry today. All I have had is chocolate milk for breakfast, mango kefir for lunch and about 4 inches of rope bologna for supper. I was spoiled by the yummy Croghan rope bologna I bought in the NY Adirondacks. The stuff from Smith’s is carby, bloated crap. I won’t waste money on that again.