This temperature inversion has been truly awful 😦 Every TV news program has stories about it. On the local FOX station, was a report about the link between our air pollution and an increased chance of getting Alzheimer’s. They even mentioned people like me! I have 2 copies of the APO-ε4 allele. Less than 2% of the population is that unlucky. It gives me a high chance of developing Alzheimer’s. The new air pollution study says my chances are also 3 times higher (again) because I am a woman and have 2 copies of the APO-ε4 allele and breathe in Utah air pollution. I am so screwed!


I was sitting here in my nightgown, minding my own business when Mr wheelchair man came in with hooks for the back of my chair. They might be a good idea in theory, but in practice, they suck. The hooks go on 2 rails on the back of my seat, instead of smack dab in the middle like my old chair. That means I will not be able to go through doorways once the bags are hung off my chair. What a PITA! I’m sure I will be a menace to merchandise in aisles while in stores…if I have shopped in one store, then go to another. At least the guy took out my garbage when he left 🙂


I had to go outside in the rain 😦 I had run out of meds and needed to go to the pharmacy a block away. I was totally soaked in sweat from the effort to get dressed. Got out into the hallway and had to keep wiping the sweat off my face. It was my first time over to the clinic in my “new and improved” power wheelchair. The chair does make it through doors easier without the stupid hydraulic outriggers that were on there. Whew! While I was in the office, I made an appointment to see my doc.


When I got back in my building, I was waylaid by a few peeps. More new and interesting gossip 😛 Then I stopped in the manager’s office to tell them about all the Google emails. Whoa! She was pissed. She has been getting the runaround from Google for awhile now. She felt inspired to call corporate. I just paid February’s internet so I hope I don’t get stuck in the crossfire. When I turned my chair to leave, another woman in the office said I turned green, then white and looked like I was going to pass out. I felt even worse.


I am not very functional. I cannot stand for more than a minute or two. My voice is 90% broken. I can’t stop sweating. It’s hard to breathe. I am wicked bad dizzy. If I do anything more than sit still in front of the fan, it feels like doomsday.


Having Make America Kittens Again change all the Trump pics to kittens was the highlight of my day 😛