Last night was rough…but not as bad as the nights before. The queasiness was a step down, the shivers were less intense….but I still felt awful. I was not able to stay asleep as long as I would have liked. Early in the morning I was dreaming about a shower, so I gave up, got up and showered. All that sweating yesterday was gross! Also, the bed was wetter than usual thanks to my leaky leg.

I don’t know what was up with the hot water, but it was almost non-existent. I had to turn on only hot water to get merely tepid water. Seems like the boiler here is often wrecked. I know the feeling. I’m a wreck, too. Usually I just let shampoo run down my leg and then rinse it well with the hand-held sprayer. I hate to touch where the leak in my leg is. Today I rubbed the area with one hand while spraying it. Not sure if that was a good or bad thing?

The morning was spent coughing and choking and getting gunk out of my lungs. I was wondering if it’s a renewal of the never-ending pneumonia? At first I had chills and after a few hours, I went back to sweats. I opened the window and the blinds. It was cloudy and spitting rain, but in the 50’s. I had the fan on me full blast.

For breakfast I had the last of the mango kefir. I wasn’t hungry. Later, I was getting queasy after taking meds, so I made myself a toasted cheese sandwich with the Foreman grill. That was the most soothing food I could think of. Other than coughing, blowing my nose, listening to the news and checking out the latest disasters online, what the heck happened to the first 8 hours? I was mostly a sicko zombie.


Ohhh….the people! Lot’s of folks glancing in my window since it and the blinds were open. Fairly early, the RA knocked on my door. The missionaries asked her to do a wellness check on me. She had lots of questions about what to do when I’m dead. She said she cares about me. I could barely croak out much with my broken voice.

Sometime after 1 PM, I went out to get Friday and Saturday’s mail. I had realized I didn’t get a new set of paratransit stickers for doc appointments. I was hoping I would find them in the mailbox, and I did. Since I can only use paratransit below 40 degrees or above 80, my chances of getting a ride to a doc appointment is getting slim. Figures I need to go to my internist soon. While at the mailbox, Gordon rolled by to talk. Then my neighbor with Dot the dog. Then a woman who always hugs and kisses me that I can’t remember the name of. She just got out of the hospital after 3 weeks there. All said they were glad to see me, all expressed amazement I am still alive and all say they have been worried about me….and they all think I look, act and sound like heck.

I felt like I needed to boldly pretend like I was cheating death! I went back to my apartment and got ready to go shopping. It seemed like the most unlikely thing I could do 😛 The people who saw me coming and going were taken aback. I’m ornery like that. I was gone about an hour. I had a bunch of free coupons for food at Smith’s. I spent $17.86 and saved $19.49. Not bad 🙂 Then I went to TJ’s for bananas and berries, cheese and avocados.


Drippy leg. Did washing make it worse?

The trip home was difficult. My leg leaked so much that the top strap of my Birks was soaked through. The wind had picked up by the time I turned toward home. My left leg was really cold from being all wet. When I got in my apartment, I took pics of the wetness. GROSS!!!!!


Eeeeeewww!!!! Wet strap, soaked foot bed and wet foot prints.


Oh, my gosh. I was weak. I only put away things that needed to be cold and collapsed into my chair in my nightgown. I figured no one else wold drop by. Wrong! Olive seemed upset by my leaky leg….then next thing I knew….there was a knock at the door.


Olive checks my leg and tells me I should have stayed home.


Well, I was even more of a wreck. My eyes wouldn’t focus, I was wicked bad dizzy, my words were slurred and choppy. I kept thinking I must look and sound like someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Kent and Pauline talked to me, petted Olive and said I didn’t look well. I think my head falls to the side sort of rhythmically while my eyelids flutter. Silly me…I thought maybe they wouldn’t notice. Pauline said when I get like that, she knows it’s time to leave. They were gone in a flash.

Hmmmm….all these people thinking I’m at death’s door gave me a lot to think about. Now that it’s evening, I am back to those stupid hand cramps. I’m also going back and forth between fever and chills. Here it goes again. Sigh….