We broke the record high for today by 4 degrees! It was 66 degrees out there. I have had the window open ever since the morning chills turned into sweats. Gosh… I hate chills! Sooooooo painful! Too bad I was busy being sick. It would have been nice to go outside.

Really….I should be grateful that I was sitting up and breathing. Last night was awful again. When I slung my leg into bed, pain jolted through me. The swollen lymphs in my leg had multiplied. Now the hard bumps are down my leg, across the top of my legs and in my groin. This afternoon I got brave and tried to feel all the lymphs. It was so painful that my vision blacked out. Every time I move my leg for any reason, the pain makes me so queasy that I want to barf.

Oh….speaking of barfing….all I consumed today was a small amount of kefir. That and water just kept bubbling up and out of me. Eeewwwww. My shrink says I am so full of edema that there’s no room left for anything else. He is going to try to help me out. He referred me to a medical social worker….or some name like that. This woman would help me get a hospice company that will accept my cheapo insurance. Won’t hold my breath, but that would be a nice bit of helping. I had given up on trying any more.



Olive has never allowed me to pick her up….and she was not about to sit on my lap. She has always preferred down by my feet. Once I got this sick, she got clingy.


I took these two window pics at the same time…with and without a flash. I wanted to show how blue the sky was at dusk.



I’m of two minds about seeking further medical treatment. I needed today to think about it….as I went through hours of chills, then sweats, then chills. I still am not sure what I am ultimately going to do.