The sun is out today. No more rain. It would be as good a time as any to trek to a hospital. Last night I endured 6 or 7 hours of intense chills while sort of asleep. All of me was seized up. I then slept for maybe 3 hours without chills. Each time I got up, my groin was hugely and painfully swollen. Something I haven’t mentioned is my left shoulder. It hurts sooooooooo bad! It’s the exact same pain I had at the beginning of WNV. Excruciating! I wanted to gnaw my arm off then and now. It has been getting worse each day for at least a week


It figures! I took a shower and was trying to get psyched to go to the hospital. At 10 AM, I gave up and got in bed. I remember waking up for a second to take off my sleeping mask because it was soaked, but I remember nothing else…until I woke up 6.5 hours later. Wow! It was another one of those deep, cleansing sweats! My wedge pillow was soaked through, the bedding was soaked and so was my nice, clean underwear.


I took everything off the bed and draped my quilt over the laundry bin. I repositioned the wedge pillow in front of a fan on full blast. It was awful hard getting my soaked undergarments off me. My left arm quit hurting and all of me is more flexible. Yes! If only I could stay feeling as well as I do at this moment πŸ™‚ At least I don’t have to think about visiting a hospital today. It’s not long until dark.

Quite dark now. Still haven’t been out of my apartment since Wednesday. I want to go out and take some pictures. A couple of days ago in the rain, the forsythia buds swelled huge and looked magenta from here. Later that day, the first hints of yellow appeared, Now there’s more yellow. Spring happens fast πŸ™‚ A guy on the news said his neighbor’s tulip leaves were out. Maybe he meant daffodil? Or maybe everything is bursting forth.Β I never did get to go to Temple Square for the Christmas lights. Now it’s time to go there and see what is starting to grow.

Oh, pffffffttttt…my arm hurts again and my head wants to explode in pain. The swollen parts of me are incredibly itchy! Not feeling very well. The few hours of respite was nice πŸ™‚