Today I went to a female doc. She is listed as an APRN…that’s an advanced practice registered nurse. She does things like PAP smears, which I don’t need because I had a hysterectomy in 2013. I wanted her to look at my pubic area, which is grossly swollen. There’s a hard painful mass as big as my fist. It hurts like heck and makes me nauseous. Somehow looking at it never made it to the agenda today.

Instead, they had me pee in a cup and they actually tested it. There was no obvious infection, but there was protein in my urine. I am supremely pissed off that the hospital never bothered to test my pee. The clinic is also going to do a culture to look for hidden infection. They did more blood tests, too. And they are asking the hospital for all my records from last Wednesday. I have another appointment at the same clinic on Friday.

I was supposed to come home and call my internist. Instead, I got my hair cut, I went to Trader Joe’s and then napped until after business hours. While getting my hair cut, I asked the woman when I was there last…October! No wonder I needed a haircut 😛

People with West Nile Virus often get kidney damage a few years down the road. I haven’t even peed a whole cup all day. I have that yucky taste in my mouth again from my kidneys not working 😦

In my 20’s, I lost a 7 month along pregnancy due to preeclampsia. For years in my 30’s to 50’s, I had kidney problems thanks to lupus (MCTD). Then in 2012, I got WNV. That was another insult to my kidneys. Diabetes is also rough on the kidneys. In the past, high doses of steroids and monthly IVIg saved me. I think at 61 years old, it has all caught up to me. Sigh…


West Nile virus may be deadlier than thought

After not picking up my mail for a week, all that was in the PO box was a piece of junk mail and a letter from a neuro’s office saying a colleague had jumped ship and the 2 remaining neuros were taking up the slack. Pffffftttt. Utah needs some good neuros….especially ones who know something about MG. The University seems to have poisoned the waters.