I am sooooo glad to be awake! Even if I woke up at 4 AM! I went to bed after 10, woke up at 1:30 and again at 4. It was one long torture. Despite the heat being on, I had non-stop chills. Have you ever had chills that felt like they were going to kill you? And when I woke up to pee, the pee burned my skin. Then this morning when I took my meds, my mouth felt hot with cold liquid touching my lips. My lips were numb. What the heck? I’m also real sorry I had kefir and a banana. It went thud in my gut 😦 This is my worst bout with nausea in a long time. I just can’t get the awful taste of my kidneys not working out of my mouth.


Well I started to feel like I was going to pass out…so I got back in bed. Woke up a couple of hours later very soaked in sweat. Way better than chills! A while later, I got up from my chair for something and saw the MedSource truck in the parking lot. Maybe 10 minutes later, my phone rings to let him in the door. The fix-it guy took my chair for a spin. It needs new motors! The loud noise was coming from gears not meshing in the motors. I have hardly gone anywhere in the #$%^&*! thing. He says the chair has 43 miles on it. Really? My old chair must have a couple thousand miles. I’ve only used the new chair to go shopping a few times, to the hospital once, to the Natural History Museum. Hard to remember! It has been months. What a lemon 😦


We are supposed to have a high of 50 today. Might make it. At 11:30 AM it’s 43. I wish I felt well enough to go somewhere. Yup! 50 by 2 PM. I have the window wide open. This place desperately needed airing out.


So at 4:30, I suddenly remember I’m supposed to call my internist for an appointment. Every. Single. Word. was painful to say. I got a chatty phone person 😦 I came within seconds of flipping out on her…or maybe I did flip out πŸ˜› I wanted an appointment for next week…preferably Tuesday for the good traveling weather. There were 2 times available….before 8 AM. I told her I did not think I could get there at 7 or 7:40 since the trip takes an hour and a half. She went and talked to someone when I started going nuts because she was telling me a bunch of different days and times. I have less than zero patience after that office sent me on a worthless trip to the ER last week. Gee, miracle of miracles, they could give me an afternoon appointment. Crap! Between 4:30 and 6:30, the forecast switched. See forecast above. Sigh…..


Around 5, the stupid chills hit. Now my muscles are seized up. Not a happy camper. I am burning up, but shaking cold. I just took a pic to see what I look like. Neon pink. I REALLY can’t take much more of this! Today I started a new kind of cough. Brian stopped by my window. A few sentences and my eyelid slammed shut and the coughing wouldn’t stop. Ack! I am covered in goosebumps and sooooooo queasy!


The nightmare nights march into nightmare days and back to nightmare nights…. 😦


And…have you seen the graphic about what’s in Nutella? Bummer! I want more hazelnuts. Well…not now. Ick, food…but a few years ago πŸ˜›


Only $52 forΒ 105.8 Oz.