This has been one heck of a day! I’m not so sure how much of it I remember. The usual for me lately….a night of torturous chills. When I woke up, I was so queasy I wanted to die. I don’t know how to adequately describe the pain and nausea. My skin and lungs were stinging and raw. The queasiness was more like a whole-body poisoning.

I spent hours coughing up crud out of my lungs. What was weird about that today was the extreme saltiness with a hint of bitterness. I wonder what that means?

I kept falling asleep sitting up in my chair. I doubt there has ever been a day in my life like this. I would be so sick that I would fall asleep in my chair…then I would get in bed and nap…back to the chair and I would fall asleep again….repeat a zillion times.


Leg spot in the bed

Then the cold sweats started. I had to have the fan on me in an attempt to get drier. Then the next time I got in bed, I woke up with the entire bed and bedding soaked. I sat partway up from the wedge pillow and fell back on it. Water splashed like I was in a pool 😦 This time I had the presence of mind to take pics.


Wedge pillow sweat print

I never did eat anything today….but my blood sugar went up and up. I can only guess it’s because of my mystery infection. I went and looked in the fridge a couple of times, but that was all it took to make me want to barf.

I left the fan on full blast and hoped my bed and bedding would be dry a few hours later. I turned on the oxygen and CPAP and was holding onto my walker, about to get in bed. It all happened so fast that I’m not exactly sure why I fell. It might have been that I slipped on the puddle always under my left foot. I pitched real hard into the wall with my head. I saw stars. I could also feel my left knee bend the wrong way and my left foot fold up in an unnatural way.


Little toe was bloody.

Ummmm….great! Here I was on the floor with a totally numb leg and I was extra MG weak because I was late taking my Mestinon. I realized I needed Mestinon once I got to the bedroom. Duh. I tried getting up, but my left leg was useless. The longer I sat there, the more other parts of me hurt. I knew there was no other choice but to call 911.


The knee just looks a little scuffed, but it hurts deep down.

I warned the dispatcher that I am a very large woman. She wanted me to stay on the phone with her. Soon after, it all hit. I was shaking like a leaf and then I started sobbing. Everything hurt pretty bad and here I was….an old, fat woman in her nightgown, wallowing on the floor, unable to get up 😦

The first crew showed up. I was a dead weight. They could not even begin to lift me up. Then I heard a fire truck come in. Soon my whole apartment was full of paramedics. By that time I had an actual pool of edema on the floor the length of my left leg. We had to keep mopping it up.

Thanks to all the people here, they put sheets around me from different angles and got me on my feet. Then they put me in my wheelchair. The lead paramedic wanted me to go to the hospital. I said I had already been there, done that, and it was useless.


It’s hard to tell there’s a knee there. My whole leg/knee is swollen.

Now that it has been a few hours, I am in soooooo much pain! There’s a lump on my head, all parts of my leg and foot are more swollen, it feels like my little toe is broken or badly sprained and I am finding more cuts and scrapes. I have been extremely lucky in the past that each time I fell, I was able to stop my fall. That luck ended today.

An hour or so after the paramedics left, a finger on my right hand was bugging me. I looked down to find a bloody bandaid. I have no recollection of the injury or anyone putting a bandaid on me. When I hit the wall, somehow I split the area between my pinky and the next finger on my left hand. That hand is hurting more and more.


Dang! It all slowly unfolds. Bit by bit I can feel more pain from parts that were injured today. It’s probably going to be really painful in the morning 😦 I am still sweating like crazy, too.