Oh, my gosh!!! Thank goodness I have not been as sick today. No naps so far. Lot’s of sweats, though.

I had a doc appointment at 9 AM. My blood tests show low albumin and my pee shows high protein. Even weirder is that my potassium is too high. I’m glad I quit taking those monster sized potassium pills. I asked the doc why he gave up on finding me hospice. He thought they were taking care of me! My doc decided I need to be admitted to the hospital. He does not have admitting privileges anywhere, so he called the clinic’s overseeing doctor. Guess who that is? The crazy surgeon I couldn’t wait to escape from in December. So the guy decides to admit me to Davis in Bountiful. I looked it up online and it looked too nice. I figured my insurance would never pay. The surgeon’s second choice was back to the U. So…I quick came home…made arrangements for Olive to stay with Kent, I packed up my CPAP, undies, toothbrush, etc, tried to clean the fridge a bit, gathered my laundry and a bunch of other tasks. I was expecting the call any minute telling me what hospital to go to.


I did get a message from my doc’s nurse, but all it said was they had faxed the info to the hospital. I called back for clarification and later wrote them an email. Around maybe 3:30, I decided to call again. I picked up my phone and was looking up the # and my phone vibrated. Scared the heck out of me 😛 It was the crazy surgeon! OMG!

He said I could not go to Davis after all. Must have been my crummy version of Medicaid, because he asked me all sorts of insurance questions. We talked 25 minutes. He seems clueless about poor and disabled people. Now he says he is sending me to Health South. I just looked them up…..Designed to return patients to leading active, independent lives, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Utah, is a 84-bed rehabilitation hospital that provides a higher level of comprehensive rehabilitation services. I seriously doubt that my insurance will pay for that! In 2013 when Heather and Huntsman hospital were trying to get me in a rehab place, the only ones who said they would take my insurance were rated bottom of the barrel….and none of them was actually willing to take me. With that in mind, I will be astounded if HealthSouth takes my insurance.


The surgeon said it was bad for me to lay around in bed without doing anything. I assured him the only time I am in bed is when I’m asleep. I didn’t say it….but I don’t come close to even averaging 8 hours of sleep….even when it’s broken up. I wish I did! I love the rare times when I can sleep 12 🙂 It’s usually from pure exhaustion.

5 PM and the surgeon just called back and talked 13 minutes. He was asking me about a few of the diagnoses on my medical records. For each of our conversations, I have told him how much IVIg helps me with each of my problems. He says he is convinced and wants me to get it to prove the idiot neuros at the U wrong. Well, gee….it didn’t even convince the idiots when I went into documented MG crisis in 2015 and got 5 IVIg’s thanks to another hospital’s ICU. I think I will just shut up and stroke the crazy guy’s ego. He says he wants to get the idiots in trouble. I know he hates them from way before me. Snicker…

Seriously….I have been trying to complement the surgeon in between times of being abrupt with him. He is a formidable foe. Very bad idea to be on the wrong side of him. He’s reminding me of Trump. The surgeon will do anything to trash people he doesn’t like. The only reason he is “being nice” to me and spending hours pouring over my records is because I am so complicated and intriguing medically. He wants to be the mastermind that figures me out. Go for it! If he is the smartest doc in Utah….I’m all for him proving it! If he cracks the code, I will go from skeptic to admirer.


I guess I won’t be going to a hospital today. It’s too late now. I reminded the surgeon that Monday is a holiday. He did a lot of swearing. I told him I have an appointment with my internist on Tuesday and could just wait until after I see him. Whoa! Them’s fighting words! He repeatedly said the internist could do nothing for me compared to what he….the surgeon, could. This guy runs on pure ego. Yup, sounds like a politician we all know 😛 I need to keep the guy excited about helping ME!!!!!

You know what sucks the most about still being here? I have to unpack and put together my CPAP. That’s more than I have strength for right now. There’s also a shopping cart in my living room full of all things Olive. I don’t mind the cart, I just don’t want to get in trouble for it. It will go up to Kent’s apartment, along with Olive, when I leave. Good thing Olive was still here! She reminded me to take my meds. I had to go get her treats from the cart.

Only God knows how all this is going to turn out.