This is Heather posting.
After a lifetime of doctors thinking her demise was imminent, my mom finally died. February 20th, at 10:30 pm.
People at her apartment complex are surprised it actually happened, too. She’s always bounced back before, even after clinically dying twice over the years.
It sucks I don’t have a mom any more. But I’m glad her pain has ended.
We booked a last minute ticket to come here, leaving 5 hours after we booked it. I told her not to feel like she needed to hang on until we got here, and she actually listened to me.
We’re now in Salt Lake, making sure everything is taken care of. Her cat Olive is in a good home, with a neighbor in the same apartment complex.
I’ve arranged to have my mom cremated. We’ll scatter her somewhere pretty.
Before she died, she was describing to me how wonderful it was that so many people wrote to her. She was touched that she had a positive impact on so many. She had no idea until the letters poured in the last two days. Thank you.