It seems like I have lived many lives so far. One constant has been my love of camping, gardening and enjoying the outdoors. I spent much of my life being a homesteader, unschooling my daughter and traveling around North America. I have also been ill and disabled most of my life. My blog is the story of me trying to keep adapting and figuring out life.

One very important facet has been my quest for understanding my purpose in life. I am grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. can’t wait for the new adventure Wendy….. Good Luck to you……

    Blessings and Peace


  2. Thanks for allowing us to travel with you again. May happiness and Peace follow your every mile. Judy in VT

  3. You should build a wood gasifier on a small trailer to fuel your trips. Then you’d be smoking….and saving money.

    • After stoking a woodstove most of my adult life, I am soooooooooooooooo glad not to have to cut wood, stack it, move it, clean it and be vigilant over it! I’ll leave that to the young, supple folks ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Hi wendy, I stumbled across your blog while doing an image searching for a meme of this Truman quote:

    “We are fighting with all our strength to prevent the gluttons of privilege from swallowing up the country.” Harry S. Truman

    Funny enough it brought me to the tagged search of “gross” =0 with a picture of a bulge on your stomach to which i kept reading on a bit out of curiosity and a bit because I myself contracted a simple bacterial infection while living in a red state in my 20s. It turns out it was just common streptococcus group B. However it took me years to find this out because of what a nightmare the healthcare system is in the United States. Fast forward a few years and the infection is causing me problems beyond belief and it is resistant to amoxacillin which if I had received it when i first contracted the infection it would have cleared it up. Instead I was give other antibotics willy nilly. Now my best hope is a strong probably intravenous antibiotic, maybe vancomycin but such a treatment is out of my reach thanks to the bogus healthcare system we have here in the U.S. I did have the money to pay for such a treatment out of pocket when it was contracted but after being put through the ringer of our healthcare system or lack thereof and living with the illness I now cannot afford it.
    Not to toot my own horn but I am bright, I have a degrees in computer science. I did well for myself when I was younger but due to the disease my life is being torn apart. I could have given much back to society and I was contemplating eventually running for office to fight the system from the inside just like Bernie Sanders but now my potential is being wasted in front of my very eyes. It upsets me thinking about this especially knowing that millions are suffering, it is not just me in this boat. I just wanted to drop you a line after finding your blog and say hi & that you are not alone (hopefully that doesn’t make you feel as bad as it does me).

  5. Hi Wendy, I stumbled across your blog while looking to see if I was the only person who thought Meals on Wheels needs to reassess what healthy and nutritious actually means. I found your blog. Wow, the food you show makes what I get even look even worse. All brown, boxed, processed, very few vegetables, way too much salt and wayyyy to sweet, artificially sweet, since I asked for the diabetic diet. Their official web site promotes good healthy food. What we actually get, my dog will not eat. I suppose I should be grateful, its free, and if I am hungry, it’s food (I think), but healthy, nutritious, not in any definition.

    • I’ve heard that some places actually have good MoW food to eat. Too bad we don’t live in one of those places! I hope to never eat swill like that again. I felt guilty to not be grateful. I did like the plain milk ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t have much respect for a program that doesn’t feed the frailest of us some decent food. I sure am glad I no longer get MoW ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I remember you from a blog, maybe it was peace and carrots, when you were in Vermont I think it was way back in 2004 or so and your daughter had a blog too if I remember right, where she had built her own little small house or cabin..then I think both blogs disappeared? …why did you leave that place? it looked like heaven..did your daughter move from there too?

    • I had really bad congestive heart failure. The winter of 2004/5 I decided to sell the farm. I was no longer able to farm and I could not even load the woodstove by myself. Heather was 22. The last straw was when my partner of 18 years moved away. I sold the farm November 2005 and Heather and I moved to Florida. She left Florida after Christmas 2006 and rode her bicycle across the country. We kept all the blogs related to Peace and Carrots and Heather’s unschool, hiking, biking, house building, etc for a few years, but neither of us was willing to keep paying for them. Some of what was on there still lives at this page. https://wendythewanderer.wordpress.com/peace-and-carrots-vermont-farm-and-homestead/

      Now Heather is married, has 3 sons and lives in Shanghai, China. I bounced all over the country from 2006 to now. My health has not been good. I was camping in Utah when I got West Nile Virus and have had one health crisis after another since then…plus all the autoimmune diseases and more since I left Vermont. Now I live in a handicap accessible senior apartment in SLC, UT. I have 2 power wheelchairs. Not tough Wendy any more.

  7. Sorry to hear of your bad health, the blogs had interesting content and I am sure were missed by more than me.

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