SLC Meals on Wheels lunch pictures

March 1st…It’s over! The Meals on Wheels volunteer knocked on my door to say my name was no longer on the list, but she had an extra meal…and did I want it? I said no thanks. She tried to entice me by saying it was turkey. I told her that one was more disgusting than most. It also comes with yucky no fat chocolate milk that is way too sweet. Nothing good about the meal 😦 Perfect time to say nope, no thanks, nice knowing you!


February 29th…It scared the heck out of me when there was a loud knock on my door around noon. Meals on Wheels again. Why won’t they stop?! I decided to eat it. I was hungry and the stack of eleven frozen meals took up top to bottom space in the freezer. Silly me, I thought there was cheese in the red sauce. It was raw carrot shreds. I looked up Swiss steak recipes and they really do have carrots as an ingredient. Huh. The menu says it’s beef Swiss style patty, parslied potatoes, broccoli cuts and a peanut butter cookie. As usual, the milk and cookie were good 🙂 I loathe the franken beef. The broccoli was soggy, the potato tasteless….but the potatoes looked better than usual! I should have thrown out everything but the cookie and milk.


February 26th…I need to quit eating Meals on Wheels food if I want to feel better. I am surprised I got a delivery today. I hope it’s the last. I will miss the milk, but that’s about it. Today’s lunch is breaded baked fish with creole sauce, Lyonnaise potatoes, green peas and onions and banana pudding. Who knows what’s in the Sunday meal? I put them both in the freezer. There are 11 frozen monstrosities in there. I am way too queasy to eat anything….especially MoW food.


February 25th…Today is supposed to be teriyaki meatballs, steamed brown rice, steamed spinach, capri blend vegetables and Mandarin pineapple cup. I nuked it and poured some vinegar on the spinach. It seemed odd that the vinegar did not sink in, but stayed in a layer on the top. I stirred the spinach and tasted it. Today we have spinach snot. Whoever “cooks” meals must have a big drum of modified food starch. I can’t believe they put it in spinach 😦 I threw the disgusting mess out. The meatballs were edible, but the rice was way too sweet. These folks add gratuitous carbs whenever possible! Amusing that there was pineapple on the rice and pineapple in a cup.


Another puzzling delivery of 2 meals for Saturday. I love what they call “cut meat”. Someone broke a chunk off. I wonder what it is? I put them in the freezer.


February 24th…The menu claims I got chicken cacciatore with whole grain pasta, broccoli Normandy, spinach romaine salad and apple crisp. It doesn’t look like those things….does it? Perhaps the carrots in the apple crisp confused me 😛 I stuck the meal in the freezer.

February 23rd…Today’s menu says salisbury patty with gravy, whipped potatoes, country trio vegetables, seasonal fruit. It was edible, but still franken meat. The totally gross part was the “gravy”.  It looked and acted like snot. Good banana and milk 🙂 I was smart enough to thoroughly scrub the food tray before throwing it in the garbage…..but it still stinks.

February 22nd…Chicken with divan sauce, penne pasta, brussels sprouts with cheese sauce, seasoned carrots and strawberry whip. You know what “strawberry whip” is? Fake flavored jello with fake whipped cream on top. Franken chicken with sides that I have loathed and commented on before. The words on the menu always sound better than what’s delivered. I stuck the stupid “meal” right in the freezer. The only thing worth consuming is the milk. Every day I understand more and more why the paper thin guy is so skinny. Who wants to eat this crap?

Today I got a bill for MoW. I took the opportunity to tell them I no longer want to get food from them. I wrote a page of what I appreciated and what I thought was awful. I believe I was polite and factual. I am bummed that it didn’t work out. Theoretically, Meals on Wheels was perfect for someone like me. The missing link was decent quality food.

February 21st…The pile of disgusting Meals on Wheels lunches in my freezer just keeps getting higher. I don’t want to eat them. How about sending some real food?

It might have been an accident in Germany….what they feed us here is worse than gourmet dog food. Talk about a stench! Watch the video.


Meals-on-wheels program accidentally serves dog food

February 20th…I ate today’s fake rib lunch for supper on the 18th.


February 19th…The MoW volunteer brought 2 meals today. One for today, one for Sunday. I wasn’t hungry, so I put them in the fridge. The menu for today reads mac & cheese, harvard beets, green peas and molasses cookie. I finally did eat this for a late lunch. The mac & cheese had absolutely no flavor. Hard to get excited about canned peas. The beets, milk and cookie were good 🙂

February 18th….I got 3 meals delivered. Two were labeled for Saturday. Today’s official lunch is the franken chicken I hate, so I put that and one of the rib meals in the fridge. It was a cut up McRib, real potatoes and a generous portion of fresh and not overcooked broccoli! 🙂 Came with applesauce and milk. I have decided that this franken meat is way better in comparison to some of the other franken varieties….but it still sucks. I feel like I am being poisoned by this crap. It’s absolutely not what I would eat on purpose. I didn’t have breakfast, so I was hungry.


Because I am a glutton for punishment, I had the same thing for supper that I ate for lunch. It was even less yummy this time. But….I went through a whole day without cooking! Too bad the franken chemicals caused my tongue to feel like it was on fire and to get sores all over my tongue 😮


February 17th…I was sick today. I went back to bed by 10:30 AM and left a note for the MoW volunteer to put my food in the fridge. When I woke up in the afternoon, I did not want to eat anything….especially yucky food. The menu says it’s…beef stroganoff over whole grain pasta, capri blend vegetables, romaine spinach salad and peaches. I put the tray in the freezer. I honestly never want to eat it! That’s mostly gigantic slimy canned mushrooms.

February 16th…The Tuesday person is not fond of getting here early. Last week it was around 3 PM, today was 1:45. That makes it hard to know whether to eat a snack or give up and fix my own lunch. Most people show up between 11:30 and 12:30. What’s infuriating is the food gets here at least by 9 AM….and languishes in the community room, waiting for the volunteer of the day to deliver it. We are not allowed to self-serve.

Today’s menu says: bbq pulled pork, wheat bun, mixed vegetables, country coleslaw and spiced apples. The bbq was good (and real meat!), the mixed vegetables passable and the coleslaw and apples were pure garbage…and that’s where I put them. The slaw was coated in what seemed like fake oil? The apples were in a cornstarch slime and had fake cinnamon flavor. Disgusting. What’s so difficult about real ingredients?!?!?!

February 15th…There’s a meal still in my freezer, that was earmarked for today. I just did not feel like eating crap and left it in the freezer. If I ever get desperate enough to eat it, I will take a pic. It’s not listed on the menu, so I have no idea what it is. Doesn’t look good.

February 13th…This is the meal I got on February 3rd. It grossed me out, so I stuck it in the freezer. Scroll down to the 3rd to read about it.


February 12th…Lunch showed up before noon. Nuked the meal and chowed down. The official menu says lasagna rollup, marinara sauce, green peas, seasoned carrots and a Valentine cookie. The pears must have been for Monday? The lasagna was neither rolled up or layered. It was ingredients thrown loose into the tray. It tasted good, except for the giant, slimy canned mushrooms. Starchy peas and carrots with starchy pasta….supposed to be served with a starchy cookie. Hmmmmmm…..

February 12th…I started off the day by heating up Sunday’s lunch for today’s breakfast. It was easier than cooking 🙂 It’s always fun guessing the meal without a menu. Once I cut into the “meat”, I realized it was franken chicken. It didn’t smell as bad in a sweet sauce with pineapple as the same thing in franken gravy. I thought maybe the scoop was stuffing. Then I thought gluey rice with nuts. Just before I finished eating it, I was guessing rice and lentils. Strange flavor and texture. I added vinegar and seasoning to the spinach. I think dessert was whipped pudding? Good thing I was hungry :-/


February 11th…It looks like a chunkier version of the meal that looked like dog kibble…but it’s pork, not chicken…plus it smelled and tasted better! The menu says sweet and sour pork, steamed brown rice, broccoli cuts, mixed vegetables and mandarin oranges. This was actually a fairly good meal! Wow. Love the milk. Today I was given 3 meals…today’s, Saturday and Sunday. She said tomorrow I would get the regular meal and the one for Monday.

February 11th…I decided to eat Saturday’s lunch for today’s supper. Because it’s a weekend meal, there is no menu. These were different meatballs than the other day, with gravy and bowties, green beans and what I thought was maybe apples and cabbage? One bite of the pink crap and I spit it out. Wicked bitter. Tasted like no food I could identify. Not a great lunch, but mostly good enough to eat. Excellent milk to go with it

February 10th…The lunch menu for today is vegetable cheese strata, Brussels sprouts with cheese sauce, garden vegetable salad and mocha pudding. The first mishap was that when I took plastic wrap off the top, it also brought with it the inside plastic lining. After I nuked the meal, I put it on a plate, which seems more civilized. The salad was light years better than any salad so far. I need to buy or make my own salad dressing though. The junk in the condiment pack is nasty. I was also impressed that the Brussels sprouts were decent and unlike the yucky ones I had before. The strata was about 75% bread. Strange stuff. It was edible, though. I did not even add seasoning this time. I would have never guessed it was mocha pudding. Good milk 🙂

February 10th…I got this meal last Thursday and stuck it in the freezer. The pic with the label is how it looked when delivered. It looked like the meat was raw. That would go along with the Sunday meal that had water on the top and potato slurry underneath. When I cooked it, it turned into potatoes. Weekend meals come with no descriptions or instructions. It would be nice to have some guidance!

It’s a piece of real pork, some spinach and a mystery food. When I first stuck my finger in to get a taste, my guess was applesauce with flour in it. I thought maybe it was some sort of dessert that needed cooking? Then I remembered the meal had come with a peanut butter cookie that I ate on Thursday. Once it was cooked, I really couldn’t figure out what it was! I wondered about a sweet potato-something mix? Or applesauce, sweet potatoes and flour mixed together? Whatever it was…it was disgusting. One forkful was too much and in the trash it went. I nuked this after midnight because I was hungry and had skipped supper in favor of a 5 hour snooze.

February 9th…I was thinking what was on the menu sounded good. Meatloaf with gravy, whipped potatoes, steamed spinach and seasonal fruit. I had this picture in my mind of what I would cook. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I hadn’t considered franken food “meat” and “gravy”. I tasted no meat, but I certainly smelled chemicals. I did what I could. I drained the spinach and added cider vinegar, then put butter on the potatoes and plenty of seasoning on it all. I saved the banana to go with evening meds. And the milk was great 🙂

February 8th…Look! Two kinds of mixed vegetables. That wasn’t on the menu, but is more interesting. The official description is fettuccine chicken alfredo, Italian blend vegetables, whole kernel corn and cherry gealtin with pears. It wasn’t fettuccine, we got bloated bow ties with franken chicken. My guess was it was in chicken gravy? The green beans and carrots were quite woody. Not undercooked…but fibrous. The jello was vile artificial flavoring. The milk was good 🙂 I didn’t eat breakfast or supper….just this.

February 6th…This meal is supposed to be Sunday lunch. I had it for Saturday breakfast. The first pic is before cooking. I couldn’t figure out what the white stuff or the main food was. We don’t get menus for weekend and holiday meals. I used a fork to mix around the water with 3 floating peas…then used a finger, and at least it became opaque. Microwaved the meal for 4:44. Aha! It was uncooked instant potatoes. Definitely looks better with seasoning. But what was the main dish? The chunk in the top right corner is the core of a cabbage. It was too tough to stick a fork in it. Not sure what they call it, but there were 2 chunks of cabbage core, rice and ground beef. It surprisingly tasted better than it looked. What sort of an idiot serves potatoes with rice…especially to diabetics? This meal also came with a little cup of pineapple pieces. I threw it out. I was full of enough carbs 😮


February 5th…Today’s menu says Italian meatballs, marinara sauce, whole grain spaghetti, cut green beans, seasonal fruit. I woke up hungry, so I heated the meal up and ate it. The meatballs were just fine. I am not fond of canned green beans, but I ate them. It was nice to get an orange for fresh fruit.

February 4th…See how much better it looks with seasoning and butter? The meat seriously looked liked turds plopped into the tray. The menu says: turkey loaf with gravy, whipped potatoes, capri blend vegetables and apple crisp. I ate it. I was hungry because I had not had breakfast. The textures and flavors were strange, but edible. I definitely prefer my own cooking!

February 3rd…Today’s meal looked and smelled like crap. I put it directly in the freezer. I do not want to eat it. I don’t even want to take its picture. The menu says beef peppers and onions over brown rice, seasoned carrots, romaine spinach salad and peaches. I did not see any onions or peppers. It was rice on top of a franken-foods beef patty. The carrots and peaches had been poured right out of a bag and/or can. The salad looked like the last one. At least it was back to regular milk! I really hate Meals on Wheels, the pure crap they deliver and the imposition of volunteers that might show up any time within a several hour window. It seems like I am giving up way more than I am getting. If I still feel this way after Monday’s delivery, I am going to tell them where they can stick their meals. I ate this 10 days later, over the long President’s Day weekend, when I was too tired to cook. There really were no onions and peppers and it was disgusting franken beef. I added salsa and seasoning to make it minimally palatable. Still yuck.


February 2nd…The menu says rotisserie style chicken, rice pilaf with mushrooms, broccoli cuts, seasonal fruit and frosted cupcake. I remember reading that menu yesterday and being excited about rotisserie chicken. There’s no “style” about it. It’s franken-food, not real meat. Yuck. And it figures that the fruit is a red delicious apple. I loathe those sort of apples.

I got up to take a pic. The smell of the meal grossed me out so bad that I stuck it in the freezer. Perhaps someday I will be so weak and sick that it seems good :-/ Looks like plain old rice to me. I just finished off the cupcake and milk. I am not a fan of chocolate fat free milk. It’s a waste of carbs with 20 carbs a carton….too sweet. The cupcake was meh. I don’t like either boxed cake mix or sprinkles. Gosh, I did not realize how picky I am until I started getting these meals. If I am going to consume carbs….they had darn well better be good ones….not this dreck. I just want to be able to afford decent food and make my own choices!!!!!!!!!!!


February 1st…Breaded baked fish with tartar sauce, baked beans, creamy coleslaw and rosy applesauce. They have definitely improved the quality. The fish was still strange, but everything else was good. I think it was real fish, but it was very strongly and unpleasantly fishy tasting. I really liked the beans and slaw 🙂 Milk is always good.


January 29th…Lunch was roast pork with ginger glaze, Delmonico potatoes, green peas and spiced apples. If I had been blindfolded, the only things I would have identified were the peas and milk. No way would I have guessed from sight or smell that those were “Delmonico potatoes“! Because I did not read the menu before eating, my guess was sweet poatoes or rutabagas before tasting them…but I couldn’t tell they were potatoes once tasted, either. I could tell the sauce on the meat was slightly sweet, but I had no idea it was supposed to be made with ginger. I scraped off the sauce and left behind the fat. I am reasonably sure it was actual pork…but there was no flavor. And the dessert? I was thinking underripe canned pears. It was canned apples. These meals are a great sense of amusement 🙂 I was grateful there were no chemical smells!


January 28th…Lunch showed up around 12:30. It wasn’t that bad with added seasoning. Braised beef tips over noodles, glazed carrots, broccoli cuts and florets and orange gelatin with mixed fruit. I skimmed the meet off the top and left the bloated noodles. The quality of the beef and gravy was better than the last noodle meal. I think they call it beef tips because they are the size of Q-tips. If the carrots were “glazed”, I couldn’t tell…but that’s OK. I would rather eat them unadulterated. I never eat jello unless I am locked up in the hospital. Luckily there wasn’t much jello to scrape off the fruit 🙂 Am I becoming assimilated yet? Snicker…


January 27th…There were 3 things going for today’s lunch. I was starving, I put butter and seasoning on the food and there were no chemical smells. But….that “fish” is some weird stuff. I believe it’s minced and formed….like a cheap fish stick…..but instead of the outer batter being crispy, it was put in sauce. The potatoes had more resistence. The fish was basically the consistency of pudding. Ummm, ewwwwwwww! I can honestly say I have never eaten anything like it before :-p It tasted OK going down, but half an hour later I can taste a lingering slightly rancid, strong fish oil flavor. The peanut butter cookie was excellent! It came broken because it was soft. The cookie is my first totally yummy Meals on Wheels food 🙂

So…today’s official menu says…breaded baked fish with creole sauce, creamed potatoes, Scandinavian blend vegetables and a peanut butter cookie.


January 26thI am still full from breakfast, so I just took some pics and put lunch in the fridge. Feeling queasy from smelling today’s menu of baked chicken with orange glaze, brown rice and lentils, capri blend vegetables, steamed spinach and chocolate fluff.

I had the chocolate fluff with the milk as a snack in the afternoon. My guess is that it was chocolate pudding folded into Cool Whip.

Around 4:30, I finally got hungry enough to go for the lunch. I put Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning on all the food in the tray. It’s the first time I have used this seasoning. Ingredients are….sea salt, mustard seeds, black peppercorns, coriander, onion, garlic, paprika and chili pepper. I think that’s my new secret weapon. It made it all taste better….just not great. Nuked it for 2:22. It’s fake chicken again…sort of the consistency of McNuggets. I took a pic of the air pockets that were made from blending chicken and fillers. I wonder what the difference is between the cost of real chicken and franken-chicken? Why does the local Meals on Wheels give us crap?


January 25th…The menu said I was eating beef Swiss style patty, parslied potatoes, Brussels sprouts with cheese sauce and golden fruit cup. What do they put in that fake meat? The overriding smell is that of strong cow urine. I was excited about the Brussels sprouts, but they were nasty, too….kind of like eating sulfur balls rolled in liquid plastic. I tasted no real food flavors. The potatoes were the same half mashed, half chunk as last week, when they were labeled Lyonnaise :-p No salt, no potato flavor. They tasted industrial. The best part of the meal was the canned fruit and the carton of milk.


January 22nd…I ate the peaches 🙂 I dug around in the stroganoff with my fingers. It is made with strangely rubbery canned mushrooms. Trust me, you cannot see any beef in this picture. I finally realized the beef was in about 1/16th inch square dices….for real. The “beef” tasted weird :-/ The official menu says I got beef stroganoff over wholegrain pasta, capri blend vegetables, Romaine spinach salad and peaches. There was Romaine in there? I enlarged the picture and found some very small leaves to the right….in the same league as the carrot shreds. Silly me for doubting!


I think you can tell, but the carrot shreds are teeny, tiny. Of course the spinach was wilted and slimy. There’s no way in heck I would even think of eating the “beef stroganoff”.


January 21st…The entrée looked and smelled like dog kibble. I had to grab the menu to figure out what it was. Chicken chop suey, steamed brown rice, steamed spinach, marinated spring garden salad and mandarin oranges. There really was only one bit of celery in it! The other green spot is a rogue piece of spinach. I think it was real chicken…just canned. I think the bad smell was probably the franken-gravy :-p The salad was made with very tough shreds of carrot and cabbage, with a couple of microscopc bits of cucumber and some rotting iceberg lettuce pieces. The first smell/taste impression is of chlorine, then the next sensation was the slimy rottenness of the iceberg and the very hard to chew desicated woodiness of cabbage and carrot. Yum! I was grateful to the hot mandarin orange pieces and the milk to wash away the taste.



January 20th…Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Another tepid lunch. This time I nuked it for 2:22. Almost immediately, a horrible smell started coming from the microwave 😦 I forgot that even turkey can be adulterated. The menu says: roast turkey with gravy, whipped potatoes, mixed vegetables, chocolate chip cookie. Now I see the difference between Lyonnaise and mashed potatoes….today’s mashed are even more tasteless and made from powdered potatoes. The “turkey” is yet another processed frankenfood in slab form. The cookie is like any dry, crisp cookie from a package….but with some weird flavorings not found in a home kitchen.


January 19th…Another amusing/perplexing meal. This is the first time I got the usual volunteer and the usual time for meal delivery for people in my building. I took off the plastic and realized the food was neither hot or cold. It wasn’t even lukewarm…it was room temperature. Gulp. As a long time professional cook/chef, that’s a very bad thing. Incorrect temperature makes the food an incubator for bacteria. Sigh….  So, I nuked the food for 1:11 and sat down. It still wasn’t hot. I was too tired to get up and nuke it again….so I ate it as-is. I had to whip out the menu to see what I was eating. The meat was a processed combo called bbq beef and pork patty. The lumpy mashed potatoes were called “Lyonnaise”, the vegetables were broccoli Normandy and the cup was cinnamon pear crisp. Whatever was sprinkled on the pears was vile…some sort of boxed/bagged crumble with artificial cinnamon flavor. Plain pears would have been much better!


January 18th…I am seeing a pattern here. Friday I got cornbread with a side of corn. Today’s meal has peas under the chicken and sugar snap peas on the side. Since this is a frozen meal and the senior center was closed today, there is no menu to describe what I got. At first it smelled like fish, but then I realized it was some sort of processed chicken. The meat was sort of expanded and airy….definitely not a cut of real chicken. The sauce? Slightly sweet, bland and nothing I would make! Snicker…. The fruit was peach slices with diced pears? I can tell I need to keep a sense of humor about these meals.


January 15th…I started feeling sad. I wondered why I didn’t get food. I went to the community room and read the Meals on Wheels list. Same 4 people as yesterday….no me. When one of the women who gets meals came out to the foyer, I asked her about food delivery. She figured they forgot me. Then I went to ask the manager what he knew. As we were talking, a Meals on Wheels truck drove up. I let the guy in and told him he was looking for me 🙂 He was startled. After checking his list, I got the food. By 1:30 I had been ready to fix a pb&j and forget about Meals on Wheels!

The driver handed me a hot meal for today and a frozen meal for Monday. I checked the monthly menu and realized that Monday is a holiday. Dang! The senior center will be closed. I had signed up to talk to a lawyer there on Monday.

Today the menu says smoked sausage, red beans and rice, whole kernel corn, cornbread and peach cobbler. So far, the meals are bigger that what I would eat for the average lunch….and they absolutely have more meat 🙂 There were 8 kidney beans in the rice. Snicker….


January 14th…I waited and waited and waited for my very first Meals on Wheels lunch. After 12:30, I went out to ask one of my favorite old guys if he had seen meals being delivered. He pointed behind me and there was the woman. I asked if she was coming to my house. She looked confused. I wasn’t on her list. She called 3 different MoW offices. Of course they were all out to lunch. She got one woman who said I was on today’s list. The woman with the meals said I wasn’t on her list and she had no extra meals.

I got back into my nightgown when the Meals on Wheels woman told me they wouldn’t forget my lunch tomorrow. Around 2:30 PM, there was a knock on my door. A guy mumbled and handed me a meal and milk. I was sure surprised! Better late than never, huh? Must be they have the ability to send someone out with a meal if they are missed. It was HOT….so it must have been recently prepared…..or at least kept piping hot 🙂

When I pulled back the plastic, I admit I was worried. It smelled like dog food :-/ Underneath that rice was a hefty portion of beef….more beef than I have eaten in a long time. I feel pleasantly full 🙂 The menu said beef pot roast, brown gravy, parslied potatoes, diced carrots and citrus fruit cup. Maybe they ran out of potatoes?