I have been grateful that the inversion got somewhat better and the temperature went up. 61 on Monday, 65 Tuesday and warmer for today. Thursday we have a high wind watch and then rain and snow is expected.

The wheelchair company called at 9 AM. It’s $2.81 for the missing nut and $15 shipping. I don’t have that much money….and even if I did, I have no clue how I would fasten it to the chair. I have no tool that would fit in the space, which is about 6 inches off the floor. This sucks. I just have to wait for authorization of the whole shebang by Medicaid.

What’s even worse is my hernia. It’s giving me heaps of pain. I almost passed out a few times while cooking breakfast. Everything went black and I started to fall. And my diaphragm doesn’t want to work when I am standing. I can feel new ripping in my left side as the right side gets bigger and heavier. Yes! I am scared!!! I am excedingly weak.

Oh, great. All of the sudden, around 10 AM, I got severe photophobia. At first I partially shut the blinds. Then I was afraid I was about to start puking from the pain of light, so I messed with the blinds to make them as tightly closed as possible. Even so, the amount of light in the apartment is making me very, very queasy 😦 My head is throbbing and spinning and my guts are in turmoil. It’s not even all that sunny outside. Ugh.

I gave up and napped for 3 hours. I left my door unlocked and put a note on the counter saying I was sick and to please put the meal in the fridge and lock the door on their way out. What woke me up was more diarrhea. Still dealing with that and queasiness tonight. The photophobia is annoying!

No way was I willing to eat the Meals on Wheels lunch. Just looking at it sent me back to the bathroom. It was identical to a gross meal I got last month. I put it in the freezer.

Not feeling well at all. Lots of belly ripping in new places. Lots of pain. I never left my apartment. Olive has been acting worried. Me, too.