My fever isn’t too bad….but I feel way worse than I should with a temperature of 100.8. Probably because my temp is usually 96 or 97. I feel a heck of a lot sicker than I should. My face feels hotter than 100.8. I have a headache, creepy skin, all-over body aches, painful eyeballs and every once in awhile in seconds, I go from burning up to chills….painful chills.

I wrote that and went to bed at 6 PM. Then I went through hours and hours of high fever interspersed with bone shaking chills that caused yet more killer cramps. I woke up at 3 AM, overdue for meds and soaking wet in a very damp bed. At first I felt much better from the fever breaking. As I am awake, pain is coming back. Ohhhhhh, my gosh! That was a night of torture! It’s incredible just how cold I can get from such intense chills. After being awake for an hour, the fever and chills have both ramped up. I feel very unwell 😦

Went back to bed at 6 AM and woke up at 9. Once again, the longer I am awake, the higher my fever gets. Right now (11:30) my belly is very hot. It was raining most of the night and has been snowing hard for hours. The sidewalks are impassable. I am back to a very sore and swollen tongue. That’s what woke me up and it’s still annoying the heck out of me. 10 days until I see the tongue doctor.

EVERYTHING I have read makes it sound like leaving a hernia like mine totally untreated is a big mistake. If I ever get out of here, it will be interesting to see what the next state’s healthcare system will say. I don’t want to die in Utah…I would rather die somewhere nicer. I went online and made an appointment with the doc a block from here. I have not seen him since November 3rd. His office is finally up and running again. Just what I need….another doc crying over me. Sigh….

I love watching Olive watching snow. Earlier, the flakes were in humongous globs. She sits in the window, looking straight up. Every once in awhile, she will follow a glob to the ground with her eyes. She looks mesmerized.


Saturday’s breakfast. Onion .30, mushrooms .40, Mexican squash .23,  tomato .26, avocado .20, 2 eggs .58, Swiss-Gruyere cheese $1, salsa verde .30, coconut oil .15 for a total of $3.42.


Sunday’s breakfast. 2 sausages .75, 2 hashbrown patties .38, 2 eggs .58, avocado .20, Swiss-Gruyere cheese $1, salsa verde mixed with Sriracha bbq sauce .30, coconut oil .15 for a total of $3.36. So, breakfast each day, for the last few days, has cost more than my whole day’s worth of SNAP money. Good thing it fills me up so I can skip a meal.


Chicken taco salad supper. Chicken breast $1.17, onion .30, mushrooms .40, mixed frozen pepper strips .34 , kidney beans free, corn free, 3 corn tortillas .25, avocado .75, 2 radishes .10, Roma tomato .26, cilantro .10, sour cream .25, 1/2 lime .14, coconut oil .15, seasonings .10….for a total of $4.31. It was the best thing that I have eaten in a long time 🙂 I was inspired to make it because I watched a video from Tasty. Scroll down to Southwestern Taco Salad. I’ll be darned if I can figure out how to link to it on facebook!


I fried 3 tortillas in coconut oil and broke them up. Put on the plate. Add chicken dices to hot pan. When mostly cooked, I added onion, mushrooms, pepper strips and el monte sazonador para carnes. When that was cooked, I added some corn and beans and heated through. In the food processor, I whizzed together half an avocado, a third of a bunch of cilantro, half a lime of juice, maybe a quarter cup of sour cream, and Tejin seasoning. I put the hot mix on the tortilla shards, put diced/sliced 1/2 avocado, a tomato and 2 radishes on top, then covered with glops of dressing. Mmmmmm….


Olive has been relaxing. She is slightly miffed that I have had the bedroom door closed for hours. That’s because I have the window wide open to try to air out all that vinegar sweat.

We just hit the high of the day at 36 degrees around 4:30 PM….and it promptly started snowing again. Crazy weather!