Well…I have obviously been a slacker lately. I went to make a phone call this morning and the phone was dead. I rarely call anyone, so I forget about keeping the phone charged. Then my Meals on Wheels lunch showed up. As soon as I turned the camera on, it turned itself off. The second time I tried to take a pic, I realized duh, the battery was dead.

When I first got my chromebook, the internal camera did not work. From reading chromebook forums, I discovered it was a frequent problem and a known software glitch. Fortunately someone must have figured out how to fix it. Weeks later, it worked. It’s a camera, but a pretty low quality one. I can use it in conjunction with Google+ to make youtube videos. I can also take pics of me. Today I used it to get an image of my lunch. It wasn’t easy. There were many shots, but none showed all the food. This is the best I could do while the good camera is charging.


Breaded baked fish with tartar sauce, baked beans, creamy coleslaw and rosy applesauce. They have definitely improved the quality. The fish was still strange, but everything else was good. I really liked the beans and slaw 🙂 Milk is always good.

While messing with the chromebook camera, I realized every picture I had ever taken was still there. I went through and erased most of them. Whenever there is a picture I want to use, I download it to my files. Gee….when I went to see my GP last week, I took a pic of me in the exam room. It was the first time in a long time that I wasn’t there with complications from myasthenia gravis. I was there mostly about the hernia. The doctor said he hadn’t seen me look so well in a long time. I forgot about that since the hernia and then the psoriasis on my face and scalp was the focus. When I saw the pic today, I was surprised to see me looking mostly OK. I usually only take pics of me to show my drooped eyes or melting face.


I am still droopy, but I do look better than my usual mess….well, maybe :-/ I usually do look better when smiling and joking around with the GP, so that helped when he came in the room.

This afternoon, I got a pharmacy delivery. That reinforced my strange relationship with the passage of time. It seems like I just got those meds a few days ago! A month flew by fast. And the rent is due today. I thought I would be gone by now. I will never give up dreaming.

For now I will spend my hours dreaming up ways to cook all my new foods. I cut up potatoes, turned a couple of heads of broccoli into florets, shook up and chopped a head of garlic and put olive oil, plus freshly ground salt and pepper over all. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. I added cheddar cheese and sour cream.

roastpotatoes and broccoli